Hiking the Santa Ana Volcano

Hiking the Santa Ana Volcano

On my recent vacation to El Salvador, I was able to get a hiking excursion in and I was not disappointed.

Santa Ana volcano is the tallest and most emblematic volcano in El Salvador because of its turquoise lake and 360 degree views from the top. From the rim you have a vantage point over the two other volcanoes in the Parque de los Volcanes, Idalco and Cerro Verde, the ocean on the horizon and Lake Coatepeque on the other side of the volcano. Hiking Santa Ana is one of the best activities in El Salvador and you should not miss the chance to make it to the top and hear all about El Salvador’s volcanic past and history. 

As it was my first solo trip to El Salvador and the country had just finished elections, it didn’t feel safe venturing out alone. So I booked a tour at the resort. Our intrepid group was picked up promptly at 8 am in our comfortable, air-conditioned van. Lunches and water bottles were packed for us, and we were accompanied by a two policemen. They had guns and looked like they knew how to use them! Though unnerving, they were polite ad super vigilant.

The van ride to the trail head was about 2 hours. It took us through tobacco fields. The guide stopped and explained how the men and women worked 10 hours a day using only a machete.

It was not a difficult hike. It took about an hour to hike up and, for me, 30 minutes to hike down. For most people, it takes about 45 to hike up, and about an hour to hike down. It’s very rocky and there are snakes! Once on the summit, it’s absolutely breathtaking!

I really hope you get a chance to do this hike!

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