Sentier des Mineurs, East Broughton, Qc

Sentier des Mineurs, East Broughton, Qc

I admit I was curious. Friends posted gorgeous photos on Facebook and I wondered if the treck out to Thetford Mines would be worth it. So I packed a lunch and headed to East Broughton to hike the famed Sentiers des Mineurs, or the Miners’ Trail.


The trails are located about 20 minutes from Thetford Mines, a city founded in 1876 after the discovery of large asbestos deposits in the area,  one of the world’s largest asbestos-producing regions. The Sentier des Mineurs leads you around two lakes: Boston and Carey. But these are no ordinary lakes. They are in fact the excavations for the Boston and Carey Mines.

Boston Lake is 600 meters long was once excavated by the Boston Asbestos Mining Co between 1908 and 1923. It is now owned and operated by l’Association Chasse et Pêche des Cantons de Broughton. The lake also has a beautiful waterfall. Many people visit the lake for swimming, canoeing, and trout fishing.
Carey Lake, measuring 1,000 meters long by 400 meters wide,  is distinguishable by its turquoise waters. It was formerly exploited by the Carey Canadian Mines Limited from 1955 to 1986. The turquoise color, not unlike the beaches of the Carribean,  is the result of water molecules and very fine suspended particles that reflect blue and pale green wavelengths from the sun. Since the rock bottom is clear due to magnesium oxide deposits,  the perceived color is bright turquoise. In addition, the well water comes from solely the rain and groundwater. This lake is off limits, and you cannot swim in it. You can, however, enjoy the breathtaking view.


Back to back, the trails will net you a respectable 7,9 km. It’s an easy walk along a dense forest in the center of which is an artificial mountain, formed from the remains of the excavation of white gold ore. A small path leads to the summit of this rocky mass. Along the way, you’ll carved trees with little poems attached. Also, at each overlook,  you’ll find information about the mines and their history.

Sentier du promontoire            0,8 km (one way)   Easy
Boucle du 1er plateau                1,5 km (loop)           Easy
Sentier des puits Carey             1,9 km (loop)           Easy
Boucle de l’aire de jeux             3,7 km (loop)           Moderate


Sentier des Mineurs Map
Sentier des Mineurs Map


The trails are open year-round, from dawn to dusk. There are no fees for hiking, but you’ll need to pay $5 in the winter for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Addres: 511 5e Rang Nord, Sacré-Coeur-de-Jésus, Québec, Canada
Phone: 418-427-3447

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